Check SIM Sensor Connections

Check SIM Sensor Connections

The outdoor unit requires a 3V CR123A battery.

Open the SIM Box
  1. Locate the white box with the solar panel containing the SIM on the front of the ISS Unit. The cabled model does not have a solar panel
  2. Locate the white tab at the bottom center on the SIM box cover
  3. Lift the tab away from the box while sliding the cover up. Look on the side of the SIM box. The box cover can be easily removed from the box when the alignment indicator on the cover is lined up with the alignment indicator on the box
  4. Lift the cover off the box, being careful not to stress the solar panel cable when removing the cover. The SIM and sensor connectors are visible once the SIM cover has been removed

Optional: Disconnect the solar panel connections

The solar panel on the box cover is connected to the SIM by a wire. If the cover cannot be set aside while still connected to the SIM box safely, it should be disconnected from the SIM box. To disconnect the solar power connection:
  1. Locate the brown connector for the solar power wire.
  2. Pull the connector outward off the brown solar power tab. The solar panel is no longer connected to the SIM.
  3. Set the SIM cover aside.

Check the Factory Installed Sensor Connections
  1. Verify that the rain collector and temperature/humidity sensor cables are plugged into the receptacles labeled RAIN and TEMP/HUM on the SIM.
  2. If the station includes UV and/or solar radiation sensors, verify that the sensor cables are plugged into the receptacles labeled UV and SUN on the SIM.
    1. Insert the 3-volt lithium battery into the SIM. Once powered, the ISS immediately begins transmitting data to the console. Be sure to match the "+" sign on the battery with the "+" sign on the SIM. The SIM stores energy from the solar panel for power at night. The battery is an alternative power source the SIM uses when its depleted of energy.
Be sure to plug in the solar panel before replacing the cover.

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