Changing the Weather Station Battery

Instructions for Changing the Davis Vantage Pro 2  Weather Station Battery

The Outdoor unit requires a 3V CR123A Battery

  • Lift the tab at the bottom of the front of the SIM (transmitter box) on the weather station (the part with the solar panels).
  • While lifting the tab, gently slide the front cover of the SIM upwards. (Be careful not to damage the connection between the solar panels and the circuit board.)
  • Remove the battery from the SIM
  • Place the new battery in the battery compartment
  • Check to ensure that the solar panels are connected to the circuit board.
  • Line the grooves on the side of the front panel with the grooves on the back shelter of the SIM.
  • Pushing the front of the SIM on to the rest of the shelter, slide the panel down until you hear the tab at the bottom click.
  • Check to ensure the front panel is securely fastened.

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