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  1. Can I get historical weather?

  2. Can I view the current conditions in my region?

  3. Changing the Weather Station Battery

  4. Check SIM Sensor Connections

  5. Do you have a WeatherFarm mobile app?

  6. Historical data for station owners?

  7. How can I access weather maps?

  8. How do I buy my own weather station?

  9. How do I change my station name?

  10. How do I set my default weather station?

  11. How do I set or change the station used in my Daily Forecast Email

  12. I already have a weather station. Can I connect it to the WeatherFarm network?

  13. I forgot my password how do I reset it?

  14. I'm already registered and want to sign-up for the Daily Forecast or other Email products

  15. My computer won’t remember my default station. What do I do?

  16. My station isn’t working properly. Who do I call for replacement part or service?

  17. New WeatherFarm Mobile App for iPhone and Android

  18. Troubleshooting - Console display is blank

  19. Troubleshooting - Console is frozen. Buttons won't work, etc...

  20. Troubleshooting - Display shows dashes in place of weather data

  21. Troubleshooting - How do I reboot the red SmartBox?

  22. Troubleshooting - My console is displaying the wrong date or time

  23. Troubleshooting - My station is working but is not showing up online

  24. Troubleshooting - The display shows only “RECEIVING FROM.....”

  25. Troubleshooting - The lights on the red SmartBox are not lit up

  26. Troubleshooting - The rainfall reading seems low

  27. Troubleshooting - What kind of batteries does my station/repeater use?

  28. What does the transition mean for station owners? Do I still get maintenance visits?

  29. What is WeatherFarm?

  30. Where is the data coming from?

  31. Who do I contact if I can’t see my station on the website?

  32. Why can’t my station be seen on the WeatherBug web site anymore?

  33. Why isn’t my WeatherBug Mobile App showing my station any longer?

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