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  1. Can I get historical weather?

  2. Can I view the current conditions in my region?

  3. Changing the Weather Station Battery

  4. Check SIM Sensor Connections

  5. Do you have a WeatherFarm mobile app?

  6. Historical data for station owners?

  7. How can I put a station on my farm?

  8. How do I change my station name?

  9. How do I set my default weather station?

  10. How do I set or change the station used in my Daily Forecast Email

  11. I already have a weather station. Can I connect it to the WeatherFarm network?

  12. I forgot my password how do I reset it?

  13. I'm already registered and want to sign-up for the Daily Forecast or other Email products

  14. Is WeatherFarm still offering maintenance visits?

  15. My computer won’t remember my default station. What do I do?

  16. My station isn’t working properly. Who do I call for replacement part or service?

  17. New WeatherFarm Mobile App for iPhone and Android

  18. Troubleshooting - Console display is blank

  19. Troubleshooting - Console is frozen. Buttons won't work, etc...

  20. Troubleshooting - Display shows dashes in place of weather data

  21. Troubleshooting - How do I reboot the red SmartBox?

  22. Troubleshooting - My console is displaying the wrong date or time

  23. Troubleshooting - My station is working but is not showing up online

  24. Troubleshooting - The display shows only “RECEIVING FROM.....”

  25. Troubleshooting - The lights on the red SmartBox are not lit up

  26. Troubleshooting - The rainfall reading seems low

  27. Troubleshooting - What kind of batteries does my station/repeater use?

  28. What is WeatherFarm?

  29. Where is the data coming from?

  30. Who do I contact if I can’t see my station on the website?

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